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The Resurrected Messiah's Great Commission to His Church

April 4, 2021 Speaker: John Bell Series: Easter

Passage: Matthew 27:57–28:20

1. The burial of the “cursed “Messiah (27:57-61)

2. Guarding the Messiah’s tomb (27:62-66)

3. The resurrection of the Messiah (28:1–15)

  • The empty tomb (1–7)
  • The first encounter with the risen Christ (8–10)
  • The first fraudulent denials of Jesus’ resurrection (11–15)

4. The resurrected Messiah in Galilee (28:16–17)

5. The resurrected Messiah’s Great Commission to his Church (28:18-20)

a. The Great Commission is bound up with Jesus’ authority.

  • This authority builds confidence. 
  • This authority is without geographical limit
  • This authority presupposes that Jesus is worthy to be
    worshiped by all.

b. The Great Commission is bound up with Jesus’ continued