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Paul Before King Agrippa

May 16, 2021 Speaker: Series: Acts

Passage: Acts 25:12– 26:32, Philippians 3:4–9

Big Picture: Paul’s final defense before heading to Rome is the longest and most comprehensive of all his speeches after his arrest. It closely parallels his defense before the temple mob (22:1–21): (1) He is faithful to his Jewish heritage (26:4–8). (2) He persecuted the church (26:9–11). (3) On the Damascus road, he encountered Jesus, who commissioned him to preach to the Gentiles (26:12–18). (4) He preached everywhere to Jews and Gentiles alike (26:19–20). (5) Jews arrested him in Jerusalem (26:21). In this speech, Paul highlights the resurrection (26:6–8, 23), which is central to his gospel message (1 Cor 15). As elsewhere in his trial, Paul’s actions parallel those of Jesus, who appeared before both a Roman governor (Pilate) and a Jewish king (Herod Antipas), and both Pilate and Herod acknowledged that Jesus was innocent (Luke 23:6–15).

Philippians 3:4-9

Paul’s past confidence and boast: ethnic privileges and personal achievements related to keeping the Law of Moses (Phil. 3:4-6)

Paul’s present boast: not having a righteousness of his own but that which is through faith in Christ—the righteousness that comes from God on the basis of faith (Phil. 3:7-9)


Event                                        Probable date 

Conversion                                 A.D. 34–35 (or earlier)   

Ministry in Damascus and Arabia  35–37

First Jerusalem Visit                    37

Ministry in Tarsus and Cilicia        37–45

Famine-Relief Visit                      45, 46, or 47

First Missionary Journey              46–47 or 47–48

Apostolic Council                        48 or 49

Second Missionary Journey          48 or 49–51

Third Missionary Journey             52–57

Caesarean Imprisonment            57–59

Voyage to Rome                         59–60

Roman Imprisonment                 60–62

Ministry in the East                    62–64

Death                                       64–65