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Faithful Preparation for a Long Delay

August 22, 2021 Speaker: Alex Bloomfield Series: General

Passage: Matthew 25:1–25:13

The main message of the parable: Like the wise virgins with the extra oil, Christians must be prepared for a long and unexpected delay before the return of Jesus.

Text Outline

  • The difference between the five wise and the five unwise virgins lies only in their preparation for a lengthy wait. (1-4)
  • Jesus, the bridegroom, will be delayed a long time in coming. (5-6)
  • Preparedness is not transferrable. (7-9)
  • There is no time to prepare after the bridegroom arrives, and no mercy for the unprepared. (10-12)
  • Therefore, be prepared! (13)


1) Praise God for the mercy in the delay.

2) To the individual Christian: “Getting prepared” for Jesus isn’t a one-off task, it’s lifelong.

3) To the church: We need to think more about long-term gospel priorities.


*This sermon owes a great debt to D.A. Carson’s commentary on Matthew.

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