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On Sheep & Goats, Heaven & Hell, and Being a Faithful Church Member

August 29, 2021 Speaker: Alex Bloomfield Series: General

Passage: Matthew 25:31–25:46

**Apologies for the audio quality on this one**

In Matthew 24:36-25:46, Jesus teaches his disciples what faithful waiting in these last days will look like:

  • Parables 1 & 2: Given the suddenness of Christ’s return, we must be ready to give an account at any moment.
  • Parables 3 & 4: Given their will be a long delay before Christ’s return, we must work to improve his assets.


The passage that begins with the sheep and the goats is a the final lesson, with a new theme: judgement.

Big Picture/Central Message: King Jesus reveals the surprising evidence for the placement of those on his left and those on his right. Those on his right are characterized by sacrificial love for other Christians, in particular the lowly and distressed because Jesus identifies especially with them by nature of his crucifixion. This behaviour is an unconscious outflow of a life transformed by the gospel.

  • A parabolic introduction. (31-33)
  • The central message. (34-45)
  • Conclusion: Judgement rendered on the last day is eternal. (46)


*This sermon owes a great debt to D.A. Carson’s commentary on Matthew.

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