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Sex and Marriage

October 31, 2021 Speaker: Series: 1 Corinthians

Passage: 1 Corinthians 7:1–6

Big Picture: Having sex regularly with our Christian spouse, and thus relieving the pressure of sexual temptation, is part of the way Christians flee sexual immorality and glorify God with their bodies. 


  1. Because of sexual temptation married couples must be having regular sexual relations with their spouse. (1-2; 5)


  1. Within marriage, sexual privileges and responsibilities are reciprocal. (3-4)
  • Sexual relations are a “due” within marriage because the body is not one’s own free possession but belongs to one’s spouse.


  1. Within marriage, neither partner is to deprive (“defraud”) the other of regular sexual relations except under three conditions (5-6):
  • by mutual consent
  • for the purpose of devoting themselves to prayer
  • only temporarily