On Sunday, December 4th, our corporate worship service will be held at Mt. Pleasant Road Baptist Church (527 Mt. Pleasant Rd).

The service will begin at 10 a.m.

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Don't worry Christian: Instead, Trust God and Seek His Kingdom

July 24, 2022 Speaker: John Bell Series: General

Passage: Luke 12:22–34


Main Point: Material necessities are not valid causes of worry among the heirs of the kingdom and must never supplant our prior commitment to the kingdom of God. In other words, instead of being worried about material necessities, seek God's kingdom, Christian! Worry is not to be characteristic of the believer, because it’s the result of a faulty view of God.

  1. Christian, put your trust in the sovereign goodness of God, and do not worry about material necessities. God has pledged to care for his own (22-28).
  1. These same needs then become opportunities for living a life distinctive from the unbelieving world, who never learn to trust God for basic necessities (29-30).
  1. Christian, seek God’s kingdom – which God has already given you - and all the necessities of life will be provided (31-32).
  • To “seek God’s kingdom” is the desire above all else to enter into, submit to, and participate in spreading the good news of the saving reign of God - the messianic Kingdom already inaugurated by Jesus - and to live so as to store up treasures in heaven in the prospect of the kingdom’s consummation.
  1. Christian, lay up treasure in heaven, not on earth. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (33-34).


  • This sermon owes a debt to “Money, Possessions and Eternity”, by Randy Alcorn; “Neither Poverty, nor Riches”, by Craig Blomberg; and D.A. Carson’s “Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount”

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