Our Sunday services are now taking place at Mount Pleasant Road Baptist Church as our two congregations consider a merger.

Please join us at 10:30am each Sunday morning at 527 Mt. Pleasant Rd.

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Persevering Through Testing and Trials

February 5, 2023 Speaker: John Bell Series: James: A Faith That Works

Passage: James 1:12–18

  1. Christians can acknowledge God’s goodness in testing because we know we will be blessed with “Life” after passing the test. Perseverance is a necessary ingredient of genuine Christianity. “Real Christians “stick!” (12)


  1. Christians should not blame God for temptation because we, and not God, are the problem (13-15)
  • God is not the problem because he cannot be tempted to do evil and therefore cannot tempt others to do evil (13)
  • People are the problem because we succumb to temptation due to our own evil desires which - if unchecked - lead to death (14-15)


  1. Christians should instead acknowledge God as the source of everything good (16-18)
  • Christians must guard against deception in this matter (16)
  • All good gifts come from the unchanging God (17)
  • The best illustration of God’s good gifts is his regeneration of Christians, the “first fruits” of a new creation (18)