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Young Person, Live For God in Your Youth

June 18, 2023 Speaker: John Bell Series: Ecclesiastes

Passage: Ecclesiastes 11:7– 12:14

“Fear of God” includes both overwhelming awe that prompts humans to tremble before God in dread, and reverence that turns us toward God in joyful obedience.

Message of Ecclesiastes: Fear God in order to turn a vain, empty life into a meaningful life that will enjoy God’s good gifts, and to escape the final judgment.



  1. Young person, live gratefully and joyfully with the good gifts you have received from God (11:7-10)


  1. Young person, live for your creator before death overtakes you. Abandon all illusions of independence and self-sufficiency as God regains his rightful centrality in your life (12:1-12)


  1. Young person, there will be judgment for how you conduct yourself in your youth, so be wise and prepare for Christ’s judgment (13-14)

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